As a Branding & Media Production company,
CreativeLab1 is fueled with a passion to inspire new perspectives.

​​ With unique global concepts and international diversity, we step outside of tradition and pull from all angles of creativity in order to produce work that speaks to all imaginations.
Our team of creators combine inspiration and multimedia to bring to life concepts that are first envisioned and felt by our clients. 
Saif Al Shareef
Creative Director

With nearly 10 years of professional and international multimedia experience, Saif was inspired to found his own innovative and integrated creative design company. 

Before the birth of CreativeLab1, Saif held the position of Creative Director at MBC, one of the largest broadcasting companies in the Arab World.
His extensive background in post-production developed his expertise in such areas as motion graphics and visual effects, landing him several high-profile clients all over the world. 
Rana Mouallem
Cinematographer in Netherlands

A creative soul with more than ten years of professional experience in filmmaking and video production.

Rana is an expert at building a creative work environment full of inspiration and leading a team to final visionary concept.
Mahmoud Shoumal
Videographer & Editor in USA

Mahmoud has 10 years of professional and international multimedia experience working with many large broadcasting companies in the Middle-East.

He has extensive knowledge in film and post-production and is always upgrading his camera and lighting technology.

Haider AlRubaiey
Video Editor in UAE

Haider is a dynamic and result oriented professional with more than six years of video production and editing experience,

His in-depth knowledge of video equipment, production, and editing techniques make him a strong member of the team. 
Ahmed Alla
Broadcast IT in Egypt

With over 10 years of experience in the IT field, Ahmed has evolved his skills for commercial purposes.

His strengths include achieving targeted sales goals with e-marketing plans using various social networks and SEO analysis. 

Fadi Yousif
Cinematographer in USA
A creative eye starting his passion in a  professional field of filmmaking and video production.

Fadi went to University of California San Diego to build his academic experience with professional leaders.

Ilham Bazoon 
Set Designer in USA

With a masters degree in Set Design, Ilham has more than ten years of professional experience in Interior and Set Design.         

From original concept sketches to creative staging, her passion to understand not only the relationship between the lens and the objects but the emotion and mood of the script is what gives her a unique angle when designing any set.

Ali Karim
Graphic Designer & Animator in Lebanon

Ali pairs his expertise in digital drawing with creative angles and perspective to create exceptional graphic designs.

His understanding of the natural flow of the human body are apparently expressed in his 2D and 3D animations.
Hassan Alhassan
Color Grader & Colorist in UAE

Cameras and colours were his hobbies and favourite toys. This passion turned into a career that started  5 years ago when he advanced to become a proficient in employing the latest updates of the colour grading and video colouring software "DaVinci Resolve".  
Hassan's experience with camera logs and types helps with creating a workflow that is quick and solid.